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How To Buy Organic Coffee Beans

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Why organic beans?

Coffee beans are one crop that usually are heavily sprayed with everything from pesticides to synthetic fertilizer. While roasting the beans will burn off a large percent of these chemical, up to 10% still soak into the beans, and ultimately into your coffee mug. You can avoid this by choosing organic coffee beans.

Organic beans are those that are grown without chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. This leads to not only cleaner coffee beans, but also cleaner land, water, and an overall environment. And as a bonus, organic beans are often grown in shade, which can lead to biodiversity.

What to look for when buying organic coffee.

  • The USDA Organic label. While there are a variety of organic certifications available, it’s hard to beat the USDA Organic label. Other good certifications include “Rainforest Alliance Certified” and “Bird-Friendly Certified.”
  • Fair-Trad Certified. While not technically organic, this certification is also a plus and certifies that the beans were grown with both the farmers and their locales being protected from exploitation.
  • Avoid beans from some countries. Countries like Brazil and Kenya use a large amount of synthetic pesticides on their coffee crops. Conversely, countries such as Ethiopia – with small farmers not able to afford large amounts of synthetics – do not.

Best organic beans

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee Beans

  • Medium-dark roast
  • Certified organic, GMO free
  • Rich, chocolatey flavor
  • Country of origin: Honduras

Peet’s Coffee Organic Beans

  • Dark roast
  • Smokey, bittersweet, with hint of caramel
  • Certified Kosher
  • Origin: Latin American countries such as Guatemala, Columbia

Real Good Coffee Co. Organic Beans

  • Dark roast
  • Hints of spice
  • Origin: Central and South America
  • Roasted in Seattle

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